Back to School

School Board, Patrons, Faculties, Staff and Students,

It’s my opportunity to write a Welcome Back to School letter and I do it with optimism and encouragement. The Piute County School District Mission Statement states- ”We are here to develop responsible, productive citizens through a progressive education system that emphasizes self-worth and expectations of social and academic excellence while preserving community values. Preparing Children For The Future”. It has been my goal as a superintendent under the direction of the board of education to carry out this mission statement.  One of the key elements speaks to a progressive education system. I believe we have great schools and they are doing innovative things as we move toward the 21st century. As educators, educational leaders, parents and community patrons, we need to keep our eyes on innovation towards best educational practices and cutting edge technology to augment instruction and student learning.

As we move forward I have asked each school to develop strategic plans for school improvement. Working in conjunction with the School Board of Education and other stakeholders we have established several goals this year including: Continuing to provide a safe environment for students, maintaining a strong focus on teaching aligned to the Utah Teaching Standards, facilitating effective professional development, continued implementation of the teacher administrator evaluation process, effective management of funds, strengthen communication with parents, community and staff, continued development of professional learning communities/PLS’s, effective collaboration, staying with cutting edge technology, and the evolution of concurrent enrollment options for students.

I want to thank all of the teachers, classified and personnel in our district who come to work everyday with the focus of putting students first in the education process. I thank the administrators and school board for their hard work and dedication as well as the community patrons for your support in helping the student succeed in Piute County School District. Paramount to all, I thank the student at Piute School District for being a class act in all you do including the classroom and extracurricular arenas.

Good luck to all and have a wonderful year!

Superintendent Shane Erickson

Piute County School District Summary Letter

Start of School Update, September 25, 2014

Board Members, Teachers, Employees, Patrons,


New Programs:

Piute County School District is a new literacy program called Reading Wonders. Research indicates that Reading Wonders is one of the most effective literacy programs available. The elementary teachers have received and will continue to receive training that will enable them to take full advantage of this progressive new program.

Teacher Evaluation Tool:

Currently, state law calls for teacher/administrator evaluations to be implemented and functioning in each district (SB64). We currently have the electronic evaluation tool up and running. The Principals will be making visits in teachers’ classrooms for observations. This year the Principals and I will be making observations of all teachers once each quarter. At the end of the academic year, each teacher will receive a summative evaluation just as a baseline to see their strengths and to determine where changes may be beneficial.

New Policies for LEA Compliance:

We have had several updates on policies in the district to meet LEA compliance and provide protection for students and employees. I encourage you to become familiar with them. Gloria will be sending emails to all employees with the updated policy numbers to review.

District Safety

The District Safety Team met to discuss lockdown, school crisis teams, evacuation protocols, and contingency plans for building and student safety. Other items discussed were communication devices to help aid inschool drills and school safety.

Updates on PLC/STEM:

The district PLC team has been successfully operating for a year now. They have discussed the mission’s statement and function for the PLC team. We will continue to look at data to advance learning in the district, address any gaps, improve assessments and develop grade-to-grade articulation. The governor strongly advocates STEM, a new educational program. Governor Herbert is encouraging districts to develop and facilitate a plan to augment science, math, engineering and technology. Currently we are working on putting a STEM team together to help influence this effort.

Step Up Grant:

Piute County School District is working with Snow College K-16 Alliance Team to help enhance college career readiness. If acquired, the Step-Up Grant will help bring focus to the Hispanic population and 8th grade students to improve chances of post-secondary education.


This year the school board gave full support for all students 7-12 to have IPADS. In this effort, our IT director, Paul James, will be working with the teachers in implementing Canvas, an electronic program designed to improve efficiency with student-teacher communication on homework as well as other elements of education. USOE is working to advance technology progress and productivity statewide with a proposal scheduled to be presented to the legislative body in February or March of next year.


Superintendent Erickson

The New PCSD Website

As you can see, the PCSD website is undergoing some major renovations.  Building a new website is a very time consuming job.  We have a lot of information here now but will be adding more as we get the time to do so.  I want to say Thank You in advance for being patient with the new build.  If you have any questions or comments ,please email me and let me know.


Paul James