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    • An evidentiary hearing is scheduled on June 9 in 5th District Court following a dispute between an exiled member of a polygamous church and a Colorado City law enforcement officer accused of being under the church's control.
    • It has been 98 years since the federal government established the U.S National Park Service and this week they are celebrating in conjunction with National Park Week that runs from April 19-27.
    • Residents of St. George and surrounding communities from a wide variety of faiths joined Friday to commemorate the Stations of the Cross by walking approximately one mile from Bluff Street Park down Diagonal Street to St. George Catholic Church. Along the way, the group stopped 14 times, and at each stop heard about an event in the final hours of Jesus' life as he carried the cross to his crucifixion. This walk is hosted each Good Friday in St. George and throughout the world, including in the old city of Jerusalem. Though it is a Catholic tradition, the event in St. George is hosted by the Interfaith Council as a way of bringing Christians of many faiths together to commemorate what is considered to be "Good Friday," the day of Jesus' crucifixion and sacrifice for mankind, and begins the weekend that culminates Sunday with Easter, the resurrection of Jesus.

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    • SCIENCEBefore reading1. When socializing, what activities do you like to share with friends?2. What feelings do you experience while socializing?During reading1.   What does it mean to be a “social animal?”2.   Why is it useful to study hunter-gathers such as the !Kung?3.   How does living in a tight-knit community benefit the !Kung?4.   Define “chronic” loneliness.5.   What do persistent loneliness, cigarettes, alcohol and obesity all share in common?6.   What data do the story offer to suggest loneliness is common?7.   Why would chronic loneliness be common among some gay men?8.   What effect did loneliness have on the longevity of gay men infected with HIV?9.   List two reasons why weak social networks may shorten someone’s lifespan.10. Why isn’t frequent stress healthy?After reading1.   What role do stress hormones play in the body?
    • On Earth, urine is a waste. En route to Mars, it could be a precious renewable commodity: the source of drinking water and energy.
    • A high-level group of senators and members of the U.S. House of Representatives surveyed makers of e-cigarettes and finds they are targeting youth. They conclude that new federal laws should be created to end practices that could turn teens into nicotine addicts.

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