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School-Parent Compact

Written by Gloria Fox.

Show me a home where education and learning are central values and where the parents are reasonably competent at the business of child-rearing, and I’ll show you the home of a good student. (William Raspberry)


My responsibility as a student at Circleville Elementary is to attend school regularly and on time, complete assignments and homework, bring homework back to school each day, do my very best work, work cooperatively with classmates, teachers, and staff, and follow all school rules.

By doing this is will help in getting the best education I possibly can.


We share responsibility with parents or other caregivers for student learning and achievement.

We will provide support and sound instruction in academic skills.

We will outline curriculum that has been proven effective (scientifically based research) aligns curriculum, instruction, and assessment to meet the state core curriculum, performance and accountability standards.

Multiple evaluation tools will be utilized to determine student reading achievement. These tools include:

  • Utah State End of Level Test (CRT)

  • Yearling Progress Pro

  • DIBELS (Grades K-6)

Implement transition activities to ensure the effective transition from preschool to elementary school and from elementary school to the next level.

Ensure that highly qualified teachers and Para-professionals provide educational services.

Share assessment data with parents and/or the public.

Parent or Caregiver:

I will take personal responsibility for my child’s education.

I pledge to spend a minimum of 20 minutes each school night reading with my student to foster the development of literacy skills.

Ensure that their children attend school regularly.

Volunteer in their child’s classroom as time permits.

Attend parent-teacher conferences.

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Circleville Elementary

Written by Gloria Fox.

In April 4th thriugh 6th grades will be going on an educational Science/Social Studies field trip to Salt Lake City. 6th grade will visit Clark Planetarium, 5th grade will visit the Muaeum of Natural History, and 4th grade will tour the State Capital and visit the Libing Planet Aquarium. We are looking forward to a fun day.

Circleville Elementary has also received for the 3rd year in a row the High Performing School Award.

Utah Child Protection Registry

Written by Gloria Fox.

For Utah Protection Registry go to https://donotcontact.utah.gov/.

Monarch Butterflies

Written by Gloria Fox.

2nd Graders have had a wonderful time this past month learning about monarch butterflies. We’ve had a record number of caterpillars brought to our classroom (we lost count at about 23). As we have studied the life cycle of the butterfly, we’ve been able to witness these amazing creatures as they go through metamorphosis. Some of the highlights of our learning have been watching a caterpillar turn to a chrysalis, and witnessing a new butterfly emerge from it’s chrysalis and pump blood into it’s crumpled wings to straighten them out. Letting “our” butterflies go is a real treat, too. Nature is truly amazing!