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Oscarson Elementary News

Written by Gloria Fox.

Oscarson Elementary received the Platinum Focus gold Medals School Award. For eleben years, OES has participated in gold Medal Schools which promotes regular phusical actibity, good nutrition, tobacco/drug/prevention, and safe routes to school. School faculty uses non-food rewards to establish healthy attitudes toward eating and create a healthy and physically active environment that will increase academic performance.

The music and band teacher from Piute High School, Mr. Matt Belliston teaches music to kindergarten - second grade leaning rhythm, pitch, tempo, and singing each Friday. The music class is working towards a pupper musical of "Peter and the Wolf"

On Fridays, third - sixth grad students are being instructed by Art Soecilist, Mr. Dennis Budge, who is currently is an art teacher at Piute High School. The NESS funding generated the money to have an art specialist teach at our school.

Reading specialist, Sherry Fullmer, provides Dibels Reading Assessment for all students. Also progress monitoring, and reading daze practice to Tier II students on a regular basis.

We have also had new tile floors installed in two classrooms and the school lunchroom.

Parent-School Learning Compact

Written by Gloria Fox.


I want my child to achieve therefore I will:

  • Make certain my child attends school regulary and on time.
  • See that my child is well-rested and has breakfast each day.
  • Set aside a specific time and place for homework, assistaing as necessary.
  • Attend at least two conferences and communicate regularly with my child's teacher to ensure his/her academic success.
  • Support the school and staff in maintamining peoper discipline.
  • Read with my child's classroom as appropriate.
  • Review information and work sent home and respond as necessary.


It is important that I learn, therefore I will:

  • Attend school regularly and on time.
  • Complete assigments and homework.
  • Bring homework and supplies to school each day.
  • Work to the best of my ability.
  • Work cooperatibely with classmates, teaxhers and staff.


It is important that my student achieve, therefore I will:

  • Hold expectations high for all students, behlieving that all students can learn
  • Privide high-quality instruction in a supportibe and non-threatening environment
  • Provide meaningful homework
  • Communicate regulary with my students and their families through conferences, notes, phone calls, etc
  • Provide opportunities for parents to assist in the classroom in meaningufl ways and to observe classroom activities


I support this compact therefore I will:

  • Provide an equitable learning environment for all children
  • Encourage the staff to provide parents with information about the total school program
  • Encourage our sraff to provide avenues for postitibe and meaningfull parent involvement
  • Scheduyle ammual parent-teacher conferences for parents of children to attend
  • Provide reasonable parent access to staff menbers
  • Provide a variety of opportunities in their child's classroom
  • If needed and reasonable, provide parents opportunities to obsere classroom activities




Utah Child Protection Registry

Written by Gloria Fox.

For Utah Protection Registry go to https://donotcontact.utah.gov/.